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Master Creations Inc.

Urban Encounter Scents for Diffusers - Amazing Orange Scent

Urban Encounter Scents for Diffusers - Amazing Orange Scent

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From the rock star perfumers at Master Creations come NEW Urban Encounter Scents for Diffusers! Available in 46 incredible fragrances and ready-made to work with any of our Cold-Air Waterless Fragrance Oil Diffusers, nothing beats the amazing smell and incomparable convenience of these mighty essential oil-based scents!

Already own a different diffuser? No problem! These highly concentrated fragrance oils can be used in any refillable scent diffuser! Simply pour the fragrance into a bottle compatible with your scent system, dilute as necessary (not all systems are "waterless"), and enjoy effortless round-the-clock freshness!

Amazing Orange: An invigorating meld of fresh-squeezed orange juice swirled amid playful hints of Madagascar vanilla and hot spring berries.

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